Historical and natural sights

Borová  Church of St Margaret (14th century), Church of St Catherine (14th century) - hamlet Svatá Kateřina.
Borovnice Evangelic church and parsonage (18th century).
Budislav New church (finished in 2001).
Bystré Church of St John Baptist.
Čistá Church of St Nicolas (built in 1583).
Dolní Újezd Parish Church of St. Martin, originally Romanesque rebuilt in early Gothic style with a belfry.
Janov Church of St Apostles Philip and James (17th century).
Jedlová Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (13th century), belfry.
Jimramov Church of the Birth of Virgin Mary, originally Gothic, rebuilt in Baroque style.
Korouhev Church of St Peter and Paul (13th century), with an ossuary and a separate belfry (17th century).
Květná Early-Romanesque church of St Lawrence (1350).
Litomyšl Piarist Church of the Find of St Cross - designed by G. Alliprandi, sculptures by Matyáš Braun.
Lubná Church of St Anna (1920, spire built in 1993).
Makov Orig. Romanesque Church of St Vitus.
Morašice Church of St Peter and Paul (1321), 2 old bells of 16th century.
Nové Hrady Church of St James (1724).
Polička Early-Gothic Church of St James (1853 - 1865), in the tower of the church a native room of composer B. Martinů, Church of St Michael (1572 - 1576) designed by A. Vlach, prismatic belfry.
Pomezí Church of St George, orig. Gothic, later rebuilt in Baroque style, (14th century).
Poříčí u Litomyšle, Mladočov Orig. Romanesque Church of St Bartholomew (1250), a separate belfry with three bells, one of them of 15th century, parsonage (1788).
Pustá Rybná Church of St Bartholomew (1838), Evangelic Church (1890), Church of Fraternal Unity of Baptists (1970).
Sádek Trinity Church rebuilt in Baroque style (1516).
Svojanov Church of St Nicolas (13th century), Church of St Peter and Paul.
Široký Důl Gothic Church of St John Baptist (14th century).
Sebranice Gothic-Renaissance Church of St Nicolas, (13th century), Baroque parsonage.
Telecí Church of St Mary Magdalene (14th century) a separate belfry (16th century).
Trštěnice Church (15th century), a separate belfry (16th century).
Bukovina, Borovnice, Budislav, Horní Újezd - Krásnoves, Chmeliště u Nových Hradů, Polička, Pomezí, Sádek, Sebranice - Pohora, Svojanov, Vysoký Les, Vidlatá Seč, Zrnětín
Balda Forest Chapel of Miraculous Virgin Mary (Balda) where Virgin Mary appeared according to the tradition.
Poříčí u Litomyšle Chapel of St John Baptist of 18th century was lifted, moved and turned in different direction in 1994.
Sebranice Tiny Chapel of St Nicolas is said to be built at the place where a fountain with miraculous water once healed sore eyes of a local custodian; he built a cross in gratitude for his recovery and later the chapel was built above the fountain.