Historical and natural sights

Borová Hájovna na Bukovině (gamekeeper´s lodge) - the last place of corvée in the region
Budislav Myslivna Na Borku (gamekeeper´s lodge) - memorial tablet of writer T. Nováková
Bystré Town Hall - town archives documenting the first privileges of the town dating back to 1488, criminal law books, black (pitch) books.
Janov A lovely hunting lodge in the settling of Mendryka - was built by Vratislav of Pernštejn as a present for his wife, Spanish Maria Mandriquez de Lara; it later inspired A. Jirásek to write the play "Lucerna" located in the area; the manor has become a charity house of the sisters of order recently.
Jarošov Wooden belfry - dated back to the beginning of 19th century.
Litomyšl Native room of Bedřich Smetana - in the Town Brewery in the Chateau area, Jiráskova, 461 614626, 615287, open: V - IX: Tue - Sun: 9 - 12, 13 - 17; (IX - up to 16); IV - X: Sat, Sun: 9 - 12, 13 - 16, and also on request; closed XI - III.
Litomyšl Dům U Rytířů - renaissance house with carved facade.
Litomyšl Plague column (1716) - a masterpiece by a Tyrolean stone-mason Appeller according to the drawing by G.B. Alliprandi; it is 11 metre tall; decorated by sculptures of St. Marie, St Wenceslas and St. John.
Litomyšl Town Hall Tower (1418) - several times rebuilt; "Litomyšl loket", a length measurement used at the medieval markets, placed at the tower below the clock (1907).
Litomyšl Red tower (15th century) - remnants of the original Gothic fortification of the New or Upper Town.
Litomyšl Smetana´s House - theatre and concert hall in the Art Nouveau style.
Osík Stone bridge - a state protected monument.
Polička Town Hall (built in 1739 - 44) - originally Gothic, was rebuilt into a Baroque manor with an attic roof and a spire, its facade being divided by pilasters, many rich ledges above the windows and numerous masks; a unique town-hall chapel of St Francis Xavier with well preserved original decorations of 1751; at the present a seat of the Town Gallery.
Polička Town fortification walls (constructed in 14th and 15th centuries) - the stone fortification forms a 1220 m long ring around the historical centre of the town with 19 bastions; outside the walls there are some remnants of the original fortification system preserved - a "parkane" wall, a moat and a bulwark; the walls present the best preserved town fortification in the Czech Republic; Guides available on request in the Information Centre, tel.: 0463 / 724326, open: IV, X: Mon - Fri: 9 - 16, Sat, Sun on request; V, IX: Mon - Fri: 9 - 16, So 13 - 16; VI: Mon - Fri: 9 - 17, Sat, Sun 13 - 16; VII, VIII: Mon - Fri: 9 - 17, Sat, Sun 9 - 16; closed: XI. - III.
Polička Plague Column (built in 1727 - 31) - was erected in gratitude for saving the town from plague epidemy of 1713; the column is 22m high with uniquely rich decorations and sculptures made by Jiří Pacák ; Decorated by sculptures of St. Marie, St. Joseph, St. Florian, …; both the Town Hall and the Plague Column designed by F. M. Kaňka.
Polička Tower of St.James´s Church (1853 - 65) - a small room in the tower was a birth place of composer Bohuslav Martinů, open: guided tours start from the Museum, Tylova 114, tel.: 0463 / 721207: IV, IX: Tue - Sat 9 - 12, 12:30 - 16, Sun 12:30 - 16; V - VIII: Tue - Sat 9 - 17, Sun 12:30 - 16; closed: at the times of religious services, at the storm, at reconstruction.
Polička Classicist house gates- carved wooden gates form a unique garniture of burghers houses.
Pustá Rybná Evangelic parsonage built at the beginning of 19th century; a unique timbered construction.
Sebranice A polygonal barn built in the half of 18th century; a number of rural farmsteads with characteristic ground plans and closed yards.