Characteristics of the Land

The Mother Region of Martinů and Smetana is situated in the western part of the Svitavy District in the Pardubice Region and it covers approx. 640 ha. It borders on other interesting regions: Vysoké Mýto in NW, Česká Třebová in NE, Svitavy in E, Nové Město na Moravě in SW and Hlinsko and Proseč in W. The region has about 30 000 inhabitants while the density of population is about 70 people per square kilometre. The main town centres are Litomyšl and Polička, but also Bystré and Dolní Újezd form natural centres for surrounding villages.


The Svitavy Plateau is a part of the Bohemian Tableland. The rugged surface of the territory divides into two different geomorphological zones:

  1. The Litomyšl zone - slightly hilly up to almost flat terrain; the height above sea level stretches from 340 to 460 m.
  2. The Polička zone - upland character of the terrain changing into highlands in SW where Žďárské Vrchy Natural Protected Area is located; the height above sea level stretches from 380 to 640 m

The whole area is a place of natural accumulation of waters with numerous local sources of quality drinking water. It belongs to the Labe River basin, Central Labe (Loučná) subbasin. Also the Svratka River rises in the nearby Žďárské Vrchy and feeds the Vír Dam near Jimramov.

Climatic conditions

are related to the geomorphological zones: in the Litomyšl zone the weather is milder, warmer and damper, in the Polička zone it is rougher, colder and often windy.

The region has beautiful landscape with both residential and recreational areas which attracts mainly visitors from big cities. Many of them became charmed by the local landscape beauty and have created their second homes in local cottages as well as newly built cabins. Almost untouched nature, beautiful views and sights, clean fresh air, peace and quiet - all these are magnets bringing crowds of tourists. Local towns and villages enjoy quite busy community lives with regular cultural and sporting events such as concerts, theatre performances (both professional and amateur theatres), discos, balls, reunions of natives, fairs, masked processions, meetings and tournaments, etc


Car transportation N part of the region:
First class roads: I/35 Svitavy - Litomyšl - Hradec Králové;
Second class roads: II/358 Česká Třebová - Litomyšl - Skuteč;
II/359 Česká Třebová - Litomyšl - Dolní Újezd - Proseč;
Third class roads (III.) - local usually lightly reinforced roads

S part of the region:
I/34 Hlinsko - Polička - Svitavy;
II/360 Nové Město na Moravě - Polička - Litomyšl;
III.class roads - local usually lightly reinforced roads

Bus transportation

Bus connections to towns from small and scattered villages of the region are often insufficient. The situation is better in bigger villages as they are connected to one of the centres by through connections.
   There are numerous bus connections between Polička and Litomyšl provided either by regional bus companies or by interregional lines connecting bigger towns outside the region: Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Prague, Jindřichův Hradec, České Budějovice.

Train transportation

Polička: Regional line No 261 Svitavy - Polička - Ždárec u Skutče (stopping at Pomezí, Oldříš and Borová,…). From Žďárec u Skutče you can continue by next line to Havlíčkův Brod or Pardubice. In Svitavy you can change to line Brno - Česká Třebová.
Litomyšl: Regional line Litomyšl - Choceň; in Choceň you can change to line Prague - Česká Třebová. There is no train connection between Polička and Litomyšl.

Other means of transportation (air service, water transport) are not used in this area. There is a small inland airfield in Polička used for sightseeing flights under good weather conditions.